Prerequisites for Intune functionality

Prerequisites for Intune functionality


The Chocolatey Intune integration is planned for an upcoming release of Chocolatey Licensed Extension and may not yet be available..


The Chocolatey Intune integration requires a valid Chocolatey for Business or Chocolatey for Business Trial license.

Chocolatey Configuration


As the Intune commands are in preview, ensure you enable the allowPreviewFeatures feature by using the command:

choco feature enable --name=allowPreviewFeatures

The Intune commands need to know what your Intune tenant is, and there are two options:

  1. Specify the tenant each time you push a package using the --source switch;
  2. Store the tenant information in the Chocolatey configuration using the command choco config set --name=intuneTenantGUID --value=<INTUNE TENANT GUID>. The GUID is available on the Azure AD Application page.

Chocolatey Packages

To push packages for the first time, you will need chocolatey and chocolatey.extension to be in the same directory as the Chocolatey package you want to push. If you don't already have these downloaded, you can download it to the current directory with the command:

choco download chocolatey chocolatey.extension --internalize

Additionally, it is recommended to have already installed the Chocolatey packages intunewinapputil and azcopy10 before converting or pushing other Chocolatey packages. If these do not exist, Chocolatey will try to install them from available sources.