Chocolatey GUI will allow you to interact with features.


chocolateyguicli feature [list]|disable|enable [<options/switches]


chocolateyguicli feature
chocolateyguicli feature list
chocolateyguicli feature disable --name="'bob'"
chocolateyguicli feature enable --name="'bob'"

Exit Codes

Exit codes that normally result from running this command.


  • 0: operation was successful, no issues detected
  • -1 or 1: an error has occurred

Options and Switches

-?, --help, -h
     Prints out the help menu.

-r, --limitoutput, --limit-output
     Limit the output to essential information

-n, --name=VALUE
     Name - the name of the feature. Required with some actions. Defaults to empty.

-g, --global
     Should the command be applied to the global (machine) level?  Defaults
       to false.


Below is a short video which shows how to use the feature command of the chocolateyguicli:

Feature Options

The available features that can be configured are: