This rule has been marked as a Note

Notes typically flag things for both you and the reviewer to go over. Sometimes this is the use of things that may or may not be necessary given the constraints of what you are trying to do and/or are harder for automation to flag for other reasons. Items found in Notes might be Requirements depending on the context. A package version can be approved without addressing Note comments.


In the nuspec, one of the URLs provided is invalid. Usually this means that the URL does not actually go to a website.

The following URL’s, if invalid, will be marked as a Note.

  • bugTrackerUrl - Note
  • docsUrl - Note
  • iconUrl - Note
  • licenseUrl - Note
  • mailingListUrl - Note
  • packageSourceUrl - Note
  • projectSourceUrl - Note
  • projectUrl - Note
  • wikiUrl - Note


Within the Description and ReleaseNotes elements, all URL’s contained within them will be validated.

Please update the incorrect field(s) so that it results in a valid URL.


We expect that the URLs actually go to an existing URL


We have worked through a number of issues where valid URL were actually being flagged as invalid. If you believe that a valid URL within your nuspec file is being flagged as invalid, please reply on the package moderation page, and a moderator can help investigate.