CPMR0009 - ProjectUrl Missing (nuspec)

CPMR0009 - ProjectUrl Missing (nuspec)


This rule has been marked as a Requirement.

Requirements represent the minimum quality of a package that is acceptable. When a package version has failed requirements, the package version requires fixing and/or response by the maintainer. Provided a Requirement has flagged correctly, it must be fixed before the package version can be approved. The exact same version should be uploaded during moderation review.


In the nuspec, there is a <projectUrl /> element. It was found to be missing or empty in the package.

Please update the nuspec to include a <projectUrl /> element that is non-empty. If your nuspec file is missing this field, you should run choco new testpkg and look at the output from that (ensure you have the latest version of Chocolatey).


This is also known as the software site. Without this information, folks do not have anything to go on besides the package. On the community feed we want to ensure that folks have places to go for more information, the software site is a requirement.