CPMR0062 - Chocolatey Dependency (nuspec)

CPMR0062 - Chocolatey Dependency (nuspec)


This rule has been marked as a Note

Notes typically flag things for both you and the reviewer to go over. Sometimes this is the use of things that may or may not be necessary given the constraints of what you are trying to do and/or are harder for automation to flag for other reasons. Items found in Notes might be Requirements depending on the context. A package version can be approved without addressing Note comments.


In the nuspec, one or more dependencies were found, and one of them depends on the Chocolatey CLI package (chocolatey).

Please ensure that you are using and requiring the functionality of the Chocolatey CLI dependency version in one of your automation scripts. If no automation script requires functionality only available in the defined version, please remove this dependency.


Specifying a dependency on Chocolatey CLI is considered an antipattern and can have repercussions when a package is uninstalled while the user decides to also remove their dependencies at the same time. As such, a dependency on Chocolatey CLI should be used sparingly and only when needed.