CPMR0040 - PackageSourceUrl Missing (nuspec)

CPMR0040 - PackageSourceUrl Missing (nuspec)


This rule has been marked as a Guideline

Guidelines are strong suggestions that improve the quality of a package version. These are considered something to fix for next time to increase the quality of the package. Over time Guidelines can become Requirements. A package version can be approved without addressing Guideline comments but will reduce the quality of the package.


In the nuspec, a <packageSourceUrl /> was not found to exist. This is the url to the chocolatey package repository, not the software (unless they are the same).

Please add packageSourceUrl, pointing to the url where the Chocolatey package source resides. You must use choco pack with at least version (see #205) to do this. Using NuGet or nuget.exe will error on this element. If your nuspec file is missing this field, you should run choco new testpkg and look at the output from that (ensure you have the latest version of Chocolatey).


packageSourceUrl allows potential collaborators to easily find your package source so they can provide fixes.