Operation logs

The Chocolatey Central Management Website stores a lot of information about the operations that have been performed on it.

It is possible to search for operations that have happened using a number of different filters:

  • Date range
  • User name

Expanding the Show advanced filters section displays the following filters:

  • Service
  • Duration
  • Action
  • Error state
  • Browser

Once the required filters have been set, pressing the Refresh button will show the available results.

Operation logs tab within the Audit logs section of the Administration | Settings page

It is possible to see all available information for an operation by clicking the :mag: button to the left-hand side of the table.

If required, the available results can be exported to an Excel document using the Export | Export to Excel button. This will generate a file named something similar to the following Chocolatey_AuditLogs_20231122_095144.xlsx.

The length of time that Operation logs are stored within the Chocolatey Central Management Website can be configured in the Retention Policies Settings tab.

Change logs


This section of the Chocolatey Central Management Website does not actually provide any functionality, and will be removed in a future version.