CPMR0030 - Description Contains Invalid Markdown Heading (nuspec)

CPMR0030 - Description Contains Invalid Markdown Heading (nuspec)


This rule has been marked as a Requirement.

Requirements represent the minimum quality of a package that is acceptable. When a package version has failed requirements, the package version requires fixing and/or response by the maintainer. Provided a Requirement has flagged correctly, it must be fixed before the package version can be approved. The exact same version should be uploaded during moderation review.


The Description element of the package nuspec file contains invalid Markdown headings. For example, you may have this:

###This is my heading

instead of:

### This is my heading

Please update the description element of the nuspec file to contain valid Markdown Headings. More information can be found here.


The Chocolatey Community Repository uses the Markdig Library for parsing/rendering Markdown content. When invalid headings are used, the result looks like the following:

Example of invalid markdown from nuspec description rendering on the website

A prior version of the Chocolatey Community Repository did support this way for writing headings, but it is not part of the official Markdown specification, and as such, we don’t want any further invalid headings making their way into the repository.