What's new in Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0

What's new in Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0

What’s New in Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0


This is a high-level overview of what’s new in Chocolatey CLI 2.0.0. If you are ready to upgrade, please read the upgrade guide.

NuGet v3 Feed Support

You can now use NuGet v3 package feeds with Chocolatey CLI! This allows users to work with package repositories that provide NuGet v3 feeds. We will be adding NuGet v3 support to the Chocolatey Community Repository in the future.

Listed below are some examples of repository managers that support NuGet v3 feeds, that you can start using with Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0 and later:

SemVer 2.0.0 Support

Starting in v2.0.0, Chocolatey CLI supports SemVer 2.0.0, although it requires that all version number segments fit into the range 0-2147483647. This allows some additional prerelease package version variants like 1.0.1-alpha.23 (note the period in the prerelease tag following the hyphen, which was previously considered not valid for a version number) to be built with Chocolatey CLI. For more information on SemVer 2.0.0, please see the SemVer website.


Most older version styles, like 4-part version numbers (, are still supported. Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0 and later adopt NuGet’s current versioning system. Any version numbers supported by NuGet are also supported by Chocolatey CLI.

Minimum Operating System Support Changes

See our Support Lifecycle page for a full run-down.


To use the Chocolatey Community Repository with Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012, you need to ensure the relevant patches are installed and registry entries configured to enable TLS v1.2 by default.

.NET Framework Uplift

Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0 now requires .NET Framework 4.8. When possible, the installation process will attempt to install .NET Framework 4.8 if it’s not already present on the system. However, installing .NET Framework 4.8 will require a reboot to be completed before Chocolatey CLI can be installed.

For the smoothest upgrade experience, we recommend you install .NET Framework 4.8 and reboot before installing or upgrading to Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0.

API Key Subcommands

The choco apikey syntax has changed. The --remove option has been removed, and add / remove / list subcommands have been added. For example:

choco apikey add --source "'https://source.url/api/v2/'" --key "'API_KEY_HERE'"
choco apikey list
choco apikey remove --source "'https://source.url/api/v2/'"

For backwards compatibility, omitting the subcommand retains its original behaviour:

  • choco apikey with no arguments defaults to list, listing stored API keys.
  • choco apikey --source "'https://source.url/api/v2/'" --key "'API_KEY_HERE'" with both arguments defaults to add, adding a new API key.

Builtin Shims Removed

For a long time Chocolatey CLI provided shortcuts for commands like choco pack (cpack) and choco install (cinst). This has led to some conflicts with other software and we deprecated these shortcuts, also called shims. We have now removed them entirely.

If you miss that functionality, it is still possible to add these commands back as either batch files on the PATH, or PowerShell functions added to your profile.

The List Command Only Shows Local Packages

Previously, Chocolatey CLI had three identical commands: list, search, and find. In v2.0.0, list has become the command used for listing locally-installed packages, while search and find work with remote repositories. For backwards compatibility, the -lo and --local-only flags are deprecated when using limited output --limited-output, with plans to remove them in Chocolatey CLI v3.0.0. Usage without the --limited-output argument will return an error when -lo or --local-only is used.

Limits On Large Queries

Chocolatey CLI will now impose a limit on the number of packages returned by the list, find, and search commands. For local sources the limit is 10,000 packages, with remote sources being limited to 1,000. The default page size in both cases is 25. On reaching these limits, Chocolatey CLI will warn you to refine your query to get the results you need.

Added Options, Configurations, and Features

  • --online option added for commands’ --help. This will now take you to an online version of the command help. For example, choco install --help --online will open the Install command docs page in your default browser.
  • choco feature now supports the get subcommand, which will show a single feature state.
  • The defaultPushSource configuration option was added, which sets a default URL to push to when using choco push.

Removed Options and Features

  • Removed the deprecated side-by-side install functionality (aka --allow-multiple).
  • Removed the deprecated default push location of push.chocolatey.org. Use the new defaultPushSource configuration instead (see above).
  • Removed deprecated configuration options for cacheLocation and commandExecutionTimeoutSettings.
  • Only Chocolatey CLI configuration is shown for choco config list. Use choco feature list to view features, and choco apikey list to view API key entries.
  • WebPi has been removed by Microsoft and the --source webpi alternative package source has been removed.
  • Removed installing directly from a nupkg or nuspec file. Use choco install packagename -s ./local/path/to/folder instead, and ensure packages are packed with choco pack before attempting to install them.
  • Package version numbers will no longer retain leading zeroes in any parts of the version number when using choco pack. For example, 09.00.001 will be normalized to 9.0.1.

Ready To Upgrade?

If you are ready to upgrade, please read our upgrade guide.