Intune Configuration

Intune Configuration


The Chocolatey Intune integration is planned for an upcoming release of Chocolatey Licensed Extension and may not yet be available..


The Chocolatey Intune integration requires a valid Chocolatey for Business or Chocolatey for Business Trial license.


This document contains information about the configuration values available through the use of choco config and similar commands that are a part of the new Intune functionality.

Configuration Values

Several new configuration values can be set/updated for the new Intune functionality. These configuration values are for pushing packages to your Intune tenant, and most do not need to be changed.

  • intuneTenantGUID - The tenant to use by default when no --source argument is used on the push command. The GUID is available on the Azure AD Application page.
  • intuneAuthenticationUrl - The URL used when authenticating to the Microsoft Intune API. Only change this if you know what you are doing.
  • intuneApiUrl - The URL used when handling requests to the Intune API, for instance, when checking for available packages on Intune. Only change this if you know what you are doing.
  • intuneRetryIntervalInSeconds - The amount of time, in seconds, that Chocolatey should wait before retrying any calls to the Intune API (Defaults to 5 seconds).
  • intuneUploadTimeoutInSeconds - The amount of time, in seconds, that Chocolatey should wait for completion while uploading files to Intune (Defaults to 600 seconds).
  • intuneUploadChunkSizeInMegabytes - The size of the file, in megabytes, below which Chocolatey will split the upload into multiple chunks. Above this size, Chocolatey will make a best effort to break the upload into logical chunk sizes (Defaults to 10 megabytes).

API Keys

When pushing packages to an Intune tenant, a combination of a Client ID and Client Secret is needed. These can be obtained from the Azure AD Portal where the Client ID is the value for Application ID and the Secret is the Client Secret. You can use these on the command line when running the choco push command by using the --source=<INTUNE TENANT GUID> argument with the --api-key=<CLIENT ID>:<CLIENT SECRET> argument.