Known Issues

Known Issues

Unable to use Chocolatey GUI extension with Chocolatey GUI v0.17.1

Some business customers have reported an issue when attempting to use version 0.1.0-alpha-20200402 of the Chocolatey GUI extension (a pre-release version of the extension) in combination with Chocolatey GUI v0.17.1.

This issue was tracked in this GitHub issue and a fix was released in Chocolatey GUI v0.17.2.

If you are running into any issues with using the Chocolatey GUI extension alongside Chocolatey GUI, please ensure that you are using at least Chocolatey GUI v0.17.2 and also using the latest pre-release version of Chocolatey GUI extension which is currently 0.1.0-GL-4-20200713.

Chocolatey GUI asking for credentials for my non-administrator accounts

If a user is a member of the Built-in AD group Network Configuration Operators, then that means they have an elevation token available and will be treated in the same way as administrative accounts. To fix this, you have two options:

  • Remove the users from Network Configuration Operators - PowerShell offers an alternative to ipconfig /flushdns that does not require admin permissions - Clear-DnsClientCache.
  • OR change the ChocolateyGui.exe.manifest file in v0.17.0+ in the Chocolatey GUI folder under Program Files to <requestedExecutionLevel level="asInvoker" uiAccess="false" /> (from highestAvailable).

Please see the following GitHub Issue for more details.

Pin command does not work when running with Background Mode enabled

In the current versions of Chocolatey CLI (v0.11.1) and Chocolatey GUI (v0.19.0), when attempting to pin a package using the Chocolatey CLI (choco.exe) with Background Mode enabled, things will work as expected. i.e. when running: choco pin add --name="procmon".

The procmon package will be correctly pinned.

However, if you attempt the same operation via Chocolatey GUI, using the "Pin (Ignore Updates)" context menu, you will get an error stating:

Failed to pin package

Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This will be addressed in a future version of Chocolatey CLI/Chocolatey GUI.

chocolateyguicli Command Not Registered by System

If you recieve an error in the shell stating chocolateyguicli is not registered or ObjectNotFound, please go through the following steps.

  1. Reinstall the chococlateygui package. choco upgrade chocolateygui -y --force

  2. If step 1 did not fix the issue, please check that your antivirus software is not blocking the Chocolatey GUI Config from being written to. The Chocolatey GUI Config file can be located at C:\ProgramData\Chocolatey GUI\Config\Data.db.

  3. If further assistance is needed please reach out via your support means. Listed by running choco support. If running Chocolatey OSS please reach out via Discord.