Release Notes

Release Notes

Chocolatey Release Notes - Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension


This covers the release notes for the Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension (chocolateygui.extension) package, where the commercial editions of Chocolatey GUI get their enhanced functionality. Please see Install the Licensed Edition for information on how to get and install the package.

📝 NOTE This package is available to Chocolatey for Business customers only.

Other Release Notes

0.1.0 (January 22, 2021)

Initial preview release


  • Branding - Support for branding portions of the Chocolatey GUI assets from provided assets
  • Provide ability to restrict access to Chocolatey GUI settings to only machine administrators
  • Packaging - Extension is deployable in the same way as the Chocolatey Licensed Extension
  • Provide visual indication in Chocolatey GUI when the Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension is being used

Release Video

A short video explaining what is included in this release can be found here: