With the release of Chocolatey CLI v1.0.0 we have deprecated the following shims/shortcuts:

  • chocolatey (Alias for choco)
  • cinst (Shortcut for choco install)
  • cpush (Shortcut for choco push)
  • cuninst (Shortcut for choco uninstall)
  • cup (Shortcut for choco upgrade)

We recommend that any scripts calling these shims be updated to use the full command, as these shims will be removed in Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0.

Help Command (choco help)

Displays the complete help information, including:

  • Available commands
  • How to pass options/switches
  • Scripting best practices and style guide


choco help


choco help

Exit Codes

Exit codes that normally result from running this command.


  • 0: operation was successful, no issues detected
  • -1 or 1: an error has occurred

If you find other exit codes that we have not yet documented, please file a ticket so we can document it at https://github.com/chocolatey/choco/issues/new/choose.

Command Reference