Chocolatey Central Management gives you direct visibility into the software packages in use in your organization, making it easy to see which machines are out of date and may need packages updated. Software packages can be viewed in the context of the organisation as a whole, or in the context of an individual computer.

The main Software page can be accessed from the Central Management dashboard via the menu entry in the left-hand sidebar.

Software menu entry on the CCM dashboard

Main Page

The Software main page lists all installed software in any computers that have checked in to Central Management, including version information and whether the package is outdated (has a newer version available).

Software main page

Software Details

In the rightmost column of the Software table (you may need to scroll) you will find an ⚙️ Actions menu which will display a Details option. Clicking this option will take you to the Software Details page.

Finding the Details menu entry for a specific Software entry

On the Software Details page, you'll find a searchable list of all computers that currently have the package installed, as well as a more verbose view of the package information.

Software Details page

Chocolatey Central Management