Operation logs

The Chocolatey Central Management Website stores a lot of information about the operations that have been performed on it.

It is possible to search for operations that have happened using a number of different filters:

  • Date range
  • User name

Expanding the Show advanced filters section displays the following filters:

  • Service
  • Duration
  • Action
  • Error state
  • Browser

Once the required filters have been set, pressing the Refresh button will show the available results.

Operation logs tab within the Audit logs section of the Administration | Settings page

It is possible to see all available information for an operation by clicking the 🔍 button to the left-hand side of the table.

If required, the available results can be exported to an Excel document using the Export | Export to Excel button. This will generate a file named something similar to the following Chocolatey_AuditLogs_20231122_095144.xlsx.

The length of time that Operation logs are stored within the Chocolatey Central Management Website can be configured in the Retention Policies Settings tab.

Change logs

:choco-warning: WARNING

This section of the Chocolatey Central Management Website does not actually provide any functionality, and will be removed in a future version.