Quick Deploy Environment Deprecation Notice

Quick Deploy Environment Deprecation Notice

Why Has the Quick Deploy Environment Been Deprecated

The Quick Deploy Environment (QDE) solution has been deprecated in favor of our Chocolatey For Business Quick Start Guide (QSG) and Chocolatey For Business Azure Environment offerings. The reasoning behind this is the Quick Deploy Environment became too complex and cumbersome to support given the need to build out several different format virtual-machine images to work across the ever-increasing number of Hypervisors being used by our customer base. The Quick Start Guide was created as a solution to this problem. It allows deploying the same components you find in a Quick Deploy Environment, but installing them as PowerShell steps rather than needing to bundle them all as a full Windows Server virtual-machine image. This allows customers to bring their own Windows Server virtual-machine setup into the Hypervisor of their choice. We just simply install the needed components onto the virtual-machine provided.

The Chocolatey For Business Azure Environment was later developed as our replacement for the Quick Deployment Environment Hyper-V to Azure offering. The Chocolatey For Business Azure Environment is a complete cloud native solution offered through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It stands up the same components of the previous Quick Deploy Environment and current Quick Start Guide solutions using the Azure cloud tooling for the host virtual-machine and networking.

I Have a Quick Deploy Environment Solution In Place. What Should I Do Now?

While we don't support the Quick Deploy Environment as a new deployment option, if already deployed, you have the same components (Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins, and Chocolatey Central Management) as our current environment solutions. You simply need to keep them up-to-date going forward.

How Do I Handle SSL Certificate Renewal?

Our certificate renewal documentation for the Quick Start Guide works on the older Quick Deploy Environment.

How Do I Upgrade My Sonatype Nexus Instance?

The same Sonatype Nexus upgrade documentation works for the Quick Start Guide and Quick Deploy Environment solutions.

How Do I Upgrade Chocolatey Central Management (CCM)?

See Chocolatey Central Management Upgrade Documentation.

How Do I Upgrade Jenkins?

See Jenkins Upgrade Documentation