Upgrading your license in the Quick Deployment Environment

You may receive a trial extension license, or a new license when you renew your currently purchased license. Upon receiving that new file, you will need to upgrade the chocolatey-license package in your Nexus repository (or repository server if you've moved to your own separate from QDE).

On the QDE server in the C:\choco-setup\files folder you will find a CreateLicensePackage.ps1 script. This script will have been updated when you provisioned the QDE server with the proper hostname for your environment. This script will package the new license file on the server and push it to your repository.

Upgrade Process


  1. Copy the new license file named chocolatey.license.xml to the C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\license folder, and ensure that it is the only file in the directory.
  2. Run & C:\choco-setup\files\CreateLicensePackage.ps1 -NexusApiKey 'PutYourApiKeyHere'
  3. On any already provisioned client workstations run choco upgrade chocolatey-license to have them retrieve and apply the new license file automatically. Newly provisioned clients from this point forward will use the newly updated license file.